Asian Glow shares final album Unwired Detour

Asian Glow, the South Korean artist and leading voice of the new generation of shoegaze, has announced his retirement by sharing a final album titled Wireless Detour. The project was uploaded without warning on Sunday January 4 on Band camp.

A statement from Asian Glow on the album page hinted at a changing vision for the artist as the reason for the project's disbandment. “Even as I get older, my view of the world will constantly change. But for this character, that's probably the last thing I want. So I decided to keep this moment forever.” The letter ends with a thank you message to Asian Glow fans. “Without you, I wouldn’t get this far.”

Upon first listen, Asian Glow leaves nothing on the table for its final release. Their affection for shoegaze is just part of a well-oiled machine that includes borderline nu-metal riffs and sumptuous post-rock orchestration. Listen in full below and revisit Asian Glow's song “Dorothee Thines,” released in January 2023.

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