Dakota Johnson Was a Sexy Spider in Brazil, and It’s My Favorite Look of the Year So Far

Can we start dressing up for Halloween now or do we have to wait until October? Because Dakota Johnson wore a sexy, scary spider dress and I need it. I need he. I need to have it. I have a black cat and a small tattoo of a crescent moon; This is a dress I have to wear.

Johnson came out for the Vogue Brazil Ball in Rio de Janeiro in a mesh dress adorned with crystals to form a spider web pattern; it's completely see-through, so Johnson added a black thong. She wore this look, obviously, as a nod to her role in Madame Web, the upcoming Spider-Man adjacent film, starring Sydney Sweeney. I haven't seen a spider this hot since the one in James and the Giant Peach.

The star's stylist, Kate Young, was kind enough to share some photos:

Instagram: @kateyoung

The dress is a version of Annie's Ibiza Spider Web Midi Dress ($2,373), although hers is custom, as the dress available online is shorter than Johnson's and doesn't have a cape. You can also order a personalized one, according to the brand's specifications. Instagram.

Instagram: @kateyoung

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