Final Fantasy 14 will require two subscriptions on Xbox

The popular MMO game Final Fantasy 14 It is, but there is one major caveat. The full version will require an Xbox Game Pass Core or Ultimate subscription, This will be in addition to the monthly fee to actually play the game.

Let's break down the cost. A 30-day subscription to the game will cost you $15, while 90 days costs $42 and 180 days costs $78. Xbox Game Pass Core costs $10 per month or $60 for a year. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $17 per month. Xbox players will therefore have to pay a minimum of $18 per month and a maximum of $32 per month to explore the magical world of Eorzea. The download itself is free, regardless of its value.

This is slightly unusual for several reasons. In April 2021, Microsoft offered free multiplayer games. Final Fantasy 14, However, it is not completely free, although it is free to download. Additionally, PlayStation players have long been able to venture into gaming without having to purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription. For Sony, the game falls into the category of free games, but not for Microsoft.

It should be noted that the subscription requirement has been removed for beta players. The open beta test for the Xbox Series X|S version of Final Fantasy 14 begins February 21 at midnight PT.

The full game will be released once the beta is complete, but there is no concrete information yet. It should be available by summer month The Open Beta is for new players only, so you will not be able to participate if you have already had access to a free trial or a license registered to your Square Enix account.

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