GOP Rep. Mark Green Gets Caught Disagreeing With Impeachment Op-Ed He Wrote

Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO) masterfully used a Republican colleague's remarks against him regarding the merits of impeachment, leading Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) to disagree with an opinion piece which he wrote five years ago when then-President Donald Trump. was the subject of one of these investigations.

At a committee hearing Monday on the Republican impeachment resolution against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the Colorado lawmaker presented an op-ed to Homeland Security Committee Chairman Green.

“I’ll put it on file. The headline is: 'Americans are the victims of the impeachment inquiry,'” Neguse said. “The subtitle…is: 'Many bipartisan laws that enjoy support remain gathering dust while Congress focuses on the impeachment inquiry.'”

“I take it you disagree with that?” » asked Neguse.

Green replied: “Yes.”

Neguse said he found that response “interesting” because “those are your words.” He then showed the printed article for Green to see.

“This is an op-ed you wrote five years ago during the impeachment debate for former President Trump,” Neguse explained, referring to the November 2019 newspaper. opinion article by Green in The Tennessean.

After rereading the article's title and subtitle aloud, Neguse expressed his apparent disappointment.

“It’s fascinating to me that you’ve changed your tune,” he said.

Neguse later cited a New York Times article last April, which said Green “promised donors this month that he would make an impeachment case against” Mayorkas.

Neguse, once again, was not happy.

“This is before your committee has heard from Secretary Mayorkas,” he said. “That was before you received the witnesses who apparently appeared before your committee. This is before you have had a meaningful debate. Did you decide a year ago?

The House GOP's impeachment plan claims Mayorkas “knowingly made false statements and knowingly interfered with the Department of Homeland Security's lawful oversight” regarding border security. It also alleges that Mayorkas “deliberately and systematically refused to comply with the law” by instituting a “catch and release program” for migrants before their court appearance.

Mayorkas himself called the accusations “baseless.” Even some congressional Republicans aren't convinced by the move, with Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) calling it a “stunt” and a “political gimmick.”

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