Grateful Dead Break Record for Most Top 40 Albums on Billboard 200

Grateful Dead has broken the record for most albums in the Top 40 worldwide. Billboard 200 charts, surpassing previous title holders Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Dave's Picks Vol. 49 became the jam band's 59th album to enter the Top 40. Presley, Sinatra and Grateful Dead were previously tied with 58 total albums each.

Dave's Picks Vol. 49 is a live album by the Grateful Dead. Like each episode of Dave's picks series, it was produced by David Lemieux, the band's legacy manager and audio archivist, and includes archival recordings of the band's live shows. Flight. 49 highlights two Grateful Dead shows at Stanford University's Frost Amphitheater on April 27 and 28, 1985 – the first shows that year to appear in the Dave's picks series.

“This might be the most improbable and unexpected album in music history, and it speaks to several things,” Lemieux said. “Above all, there is the consistently exceptional quality of the Grateful Dead's more than 2,000 concerts. In the process, there is the loyalty and passion of the many Dead Heads who made this record possible. And to top it all off, the Grateful Dead have a partnership with Rhino that ensures these many albums are produced with care, love and respect for both the band's music and legacy, as well as the Dead Heads themselves . It is an honor and privilege to work for this community, and our goal is to continue to build on this record by delivering the quality of recordings that Dead Heads have come to expect for many years.

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