Jay-Z Defended Beyoncé At The Grammys & He Was Right

It's the Grammys, and it's supposed to be about best. Taylor Swift's latest album isn't even in the top five of Swift's catalog. Someone tweeted that it should have been called “MIDnights” and I burst out laughing at the accuracy. Simply comparing this album to the other nominees, Swift doesn't have the best voice (everyone in the category beats her here), but as for her direct peers, Olivia Rodrigo and Lana Del Rey can both surpass her ), the best production (Jon Batiste and Janelle Monae would like a word), or the best stage presence or videos (Miley Cyrus does laps around it here) or even the best songs (“Flowers” and “Kill Bill” are more memorable than anything on Midnights and Swift's biggest song of 2023 was “Cruel summer” which was released in 2019 and gained further popularity last year). So if this is a meritocracy, what are we talking about? Some Swift defenders claim that the album he year is supposed to go to the artist who had the biggest year in pop culture. You could say that Swift (thanks to her Eras tour, her romance with Travis Kelce and her name) Time Person of the Year) had a big year, but if that's the barometer used to award Album of the Year, Beyoncé should have three of them – at least. If we're just talking about music, let's be honest: Taylor Swift didn't even fall into that category. This isn't necessarily a knock on Swift's work, but on the Grammys' insistence on rewarding her, even when she hasn't met its own standards of quality.

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