Joni Mitchell Wore Ilia Makeup During Her Historic 2024 Grammys Performance


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In an email, Greenwald said working with the 11-time Grammy winner was “surreal, the true dream job” and a true collaboration. “We're always striving for radiant, glowing skin with healthy-looking highlights, and taking it up a notch for the Grammys felt natural to us,” she adds.

Greenwald started with Basic Face Milk to create a hydrated base, then applied the Super Tinted Skin Serum SPF 40 in ST2.5 Sombrio using his fingers. To keep Mitchell's complexion natural, Greenwald used True Skin Corrective Serum in SC1.5 Suma, which “blends seamlessly into the skin, providing perfect coverage while giving a skin-like appearance.”

To achieve his luminous glow, Greenwald applied the Lightweight Liquid Highlighter Serum in Atomic and the Multi-stick in the shade In the City. “I added a lot of glow and warmth to the complexion,” she says. “On plump, hydrated skin, I use the Liquid Light Highlighter Serum mixed with a skin tint or foundation, as well as patted onto the tops of the cheekbones and nose.”

For a healthy dose of color, Greenwald recommends applying with a rounded beauty sponge or damp buff brush. “Using both a bronzer shade and a Multi-Stick blush shade, I add warmth and a healthy polish around the hairline, cheekbones, and bridge of the nose,” she says.

Ilia Liquid Light Serum Highlighter in Atomic

Ilia Multi-Stick in In the city

Finally, Greenwald applied the Chromatic liquid powder eye tint in Hatch (a pearly golden green color) on the lids and topped it off with the Limitless Eyelash Mascara.

Ilia Unlimited Lash Mascara

Ilia Liquid Powder Eyeshadow in Hatch

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