Taylor Swift Brought a Fan to the Grammys to Shield Her Conversations From ‘Lip Readers’

Good luck, lip readers. Taylor Swift preemptively thwarted the Internet's attempts to guess what she was saying to her companions at the 2024 Grammys by bringing the Gossip Girl original's favorite accessory: a pocket fan.

As the ceremony began, the camera panned to Swift, who leaned forward to chat with collaborator Jack Antonoff. As she did so, she took out the black lace fan, which she used as a shield to cover her mouth.


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Although we can't say for sure, it's likely that the fan – who matched her Reputation— Schiaparelli couture look coded in black and white — is Swift's answer to all the Golden Globes drama in January.

During a break in the awards show, cameras caught Swift, Keleigh Teller (her date for the evening) and Selena Gomez having a seemingly juicy conversation. The clip quickly went viral, as amateur lip readers guessed the trio were gossiping about Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet — specifically an alleged photo snob.

The drama escalated to the point that Chalamet And Gomez had to deny that there was any snobbery or bullshit. In fact, Gomez later revealed that she was simply informing her best friends that two of them other friends had gathered. This is the kind of gentle, low-stakes chatter that friendships are made of! But instead, it became a whole. And Taylor Swift really doesn't have time for all that.

Between the Grammys, the next stop on her Eras tour, and her boyfriend Travis Kelce playing at the Super Bowl next weekend, she's reserved, busy, and uninterested in becoming a trending topic for anything other than winning it all.

This story was originally published in Charm.

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