Taylor Swift’s Grammy Shoes Are On Sale

The black suede slingbacks, which originally retailed for $750, are currently selling for just $450. While we know this puts them firmly in the luxury shoe category, we can't help but recommend them. They are as versatile as they are glamorous. Swift herself paired the 3.5-inch heels with her two sparkly disco balls Renaissance first dress as well as its black monochrome Poor things premiere outfit. And Swift isn't the only fan: the same pairing has been spotted on other stars like Hailey Bieber and America Ferrera. The brand is known for its high fashion shoes that are both couture and comfortable, which is why they make such a great event shoe. Even though we're not strutting our stuff on red carpets this year, considering how often Swift has taken them out of her closet and worn them again, we think they'd make a pair of wedding guest shoes quite astonishing. After all, if they're comfortable enough for Taylor, we're all for it.

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