The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Of 2024, According To Us

“I'm a big believer in incorporating games – whether they involve boards, cards, pantomimes, even piñatas – into the mix at social events. But recently I've been giving it a try (no pun intended) playing card games with a loved one as a date activity, which I highly recommend as a way to connect, get closer, and engage in wholesome, flirtatious banter. This cleverly designed deck – a limited edition collaboration between Baileys and deep skin – makes a great Valentine's Day gift. The relationship-centered prompts (think: “Name my green, tan, and red flags”) run the gamut from playful to deep and thought-provoking, making this 50-card deck a true game changer for loved ones and loved ones. best friends. ” —Hilary Shepherd, Branded Content Beauty Editor

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