The candidates set for Wellingborough by-election

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Polling stations in the Wellingborough constituency will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. GMT on Thursday 15 February.

A by-election will take place in Wellingborough on February 15 following a recall petition in the Northamptonshire constituency.

The petition follows the suspension of Peter Bone from the House of Commons for six weeks for breaching the code of conduct for MPs.

North Northamptonshire Council said voters in the constituency will start receiving their voter cards from January 19.

The voting slips will contain information on how to arrange a postal or proxy vote for those who cannot get to their polling station that day.

The deadline for registering to vote in the by-election has now passed.

Following a change in the law last year, people voting in person on February 15 will need to remember to bring photo ID with them.

THE candidate nominations closed at 16:00 GMT on January 23.

Applicants are listed alphabetically by last name.

Nick the Flying Brick – The official Monster Raving Loony party

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Nick the Flying Brick represents The Monster Raving Loony Party

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party was formed in the United Kingdom in 1982 by musician David Sutch, also known as Screaming Lord Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow, or simply Lord Sutch.

Nick the Flying Brick, the 'Shadow Minister for the Abolition of Gravity' party, has stood elsewhere in the UK in previous general and by-elections.

According to the Monster Raving Loony Party's official website, other policies include developing Wellingborough Golf Club into an intergalactic spaceport and turning fishing into a spectator sport by introducing piranhas into the River Nene.

He said: “I am very pleased to be standing in the Wellingborough by-election. »

The candidate said he was hoping for “a crazy landslide.”

Note: The candidate's last name is Brick, so it appears first in the alphabetical list.

Ana Savage Gunn – Liberal Democrat

Image source, North Northants Lib Dems

Ana Savage Gunn will fight for the seat of Wellingborough for the Lib Dems

The Liberal Democrat candidate was born in Northamptonshire and raised in the county.

She joined Northamptonshire Police in 1985 and rose to the rank of inspector, serving across the county – including Wellingborough – and she oversaw the tactical firearms team.

Ms Savage Gunn helped provide security for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and later became a law enforcement consultant in the US, before returning to the UK and Northamptonshire.

When Covid-19 broke out, she retrained as a healthcare assistant and worked in her mother's care home, before becoming the Covid clinic coordinator in the county.

She continues to work at the care home and is a trustee of Northamptonshire Carers, Wellingborough.

Ms Savage Gunn said the party was “about people, about society”. [and] equity and all their political regimes speak to me.”

She said she was “not a politician” and would put “community” first.

Note: Gunn is used as the candidate's primary last name, so she appears second in the alphabetical list.

Ben Habib – Reform UK

Image source, PA Media

Reform UK has chosen Ben Habib as its candidate for Wellingborough

The Reform UK candidate is the party's co-deputy leader and former Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the Brexit Party.

Reform UK, formerly the Brexit Party, was co-founded by Nigel Farage in 2018.

Mr Habib is a property developer and fund manager, and previously a Conservative donor.

The 58-year-old said: “I intend to give the Wellingborough by-election the best swing of my bat and if elected I will stand in the Commons and hold this miserable government to account to the best of my ability.”

Helen Harrison – Curator

Image source, Conservative party

Helen Harrison previously ran for office in the 2017 election.

Ms Harrison represents the Oundle ward on North Northamptonshire Council and is the unitary authority's executive member for adults, health and wellbeing.

She also stood for Parliament in 2017 in the Bolsover constituency in Derbyshire, losing to Labor veteran Dennis Skinner, who in turn lost the “red wall” seat to the Conservatives in 2019.

Ms Harrison said: “I am delighted to have been selected as a candidate for Wellingborough.

“As a local candidate, I am best placed to represent the interests of the people of Wellingborough, having previously done so at local authority level.”

She is also the partner of Mr Bone, who was first elected to this seat in 2005.

Ankit Love Jay Mala – Independent

The BBC has contacted this candidate for more information about his campaign.

Note: The candidate's last name is Jay Mala, hence his position in the alphabetical list.

Gen Kitchen – Work

Image source, PA Media

Labor has chosen Gen Kitchen as its candidate for Wellingborough

The Labor candidate grew up in Northamptonshire and attended John Hellins Primary School in Towcester and Kingsbrook Secondary School – now Elizabeth Woodville School – in Roade. She has worked in the charity sector throughout her career.

In 2019, she stood as a potential Labor Party parliamentary candidate in the South Northamptonshire constituency – losing to Conservative Andrea Leadsom.

After her selection in November, Ms Kitchen said: “People here are already telling me they are fed up with the state of the city centre, the anti-social behavior blighting our high streets and the 8 o'clock stampede in the morning for an appointment with the general practitioner.

“Labour has a plan to tackle these issues which affect so many people here, but I will start by giving Wellingborough a voice at Westminster and work hard to restore the pride of our town and villages.”

Alex Merola – Britain First

Image source, Britain first

Alex Merola represents Britain First in the Wellingborough by-election

Britain first registered as a political party after its application was approved by the Electoral Commission in 2021.

The party is campaigning on an anti-immigration message and has called for a halt to all new immigration except in specific cases.

On social media, Mr. Merola is described as a party activist.

The BBC has contacted Britain First for more information about its candidate and campaign.

Will Morris – Green Party

Image source, Green Party

Will Morris has been chosen as the Green Party candidate for Wellingborough

Mr Morris lives in Bozeat, in the south of the constituency, having previously lived in Wellingborough, and works as an insurance underwriter.

The 55-year-old has been a member of the Green Party for five years and stood as the party's candidate for North Northamptonshire Council in Irchester and Rushden South.

He also served on the Bozeat Parish Council for three years.

Mr Morris said: “What Wellingborough needs is a representative who knows and cares about local issues, rather than someone keen to advance their personal agenda on the national political stage.

“Local issues will always come first for me.”

He has two children, aged 21 and 17, and is a season ticket holder at Northampton Saints.

André Pyne-Bailey – Independent

Image source, André Pyne-Bailey

Andre Pyne-Bailey is running as an independent in the Wellingborough by-election

Mr. Pyne-Bailey was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

He studied electrical engineering, worked in his father's electrical engineering company, and then went to the United States to study computer science.

The candidate said he had worked for various IT companies and had also volunteered at the South London Family Center in Lambeth.

He said: “I have the skills to promote the interests of the community, ideas to achieve the growth of towns and villages as well as the desire to promote the well-being of residents.”

Marion Turner-Hawes – Independent


Marion Turner-Hawes to stand as an independent candidate in Wellingborough by-election

Mrs Turner-Hawes grew up in Kettering and now lives in Wellingborough with her wife Karon.

She is an independent Wellingborough town councilor and works as a community consultant supporting organizations in the area.

“Our MP should be our champion, our defender, our mediator, listen to our dreams and aspirations, present them to Parliament and defend them on the national stage.”

She was a central campaigner to prevent the cutting of an avenue of lime trees in the constituency.

Ms Turner-Hawes represented the Green Party in the 2015 and 2019 general elections, coming last in both polls. She left the Green Party in 2020.

Kevin Watts – Independent

Image source, Kevin Watts

Kevin Watts is up and independent in Wellingborough

Mr Watts was born at Park Hospital (now Isebrook Hospital) in Wellingborough.

He served as an officer in Northamptonshire Police and was a councilor on Irchester Parish Council for over 10 years and is currently vice-chairman.

The Unite union member said he “believes unions give workers a collective voice”.

Mr Watts said he wanted to speak on behalf of the people of the constituency.

“This is what we haven't had in this constituency for years and years. The voice of the people has not been heard,” he said.

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