YouTube reportedly has an Apple Vision Pro app on its roadmap

Google reportedly plans to develop a YouTube app for Apple Vision Pro. The edge said A YouTube spokesperson confirmed the company's plans to create a native Vision Pro app, while optimizing YouTube for Safari as a stopgap measure. The U-turn comes after developer Christian Selig (creator of the popular Apollo app that Reddit killed in 2023) launched an unofficial YouTube app for Apple's $3,500 headset.

“We're excited to see the launch of Vision Pro and support it by ensuring YouTube users have a great experience in Safari,” YouTube spokesperson Jessica Gibby reportedly wrote in an email to The edgeThis is Nilay Patel. “We have no specific plans to share at this time, but can confirm that a Vision Pro app is on our roadmap.”

Despite launching Vision Pro with more than 600 native apps, YouTube said on January 19 that it had no plans to create a Vision Pro app. (Netflix is ​​another high-profile holdout.) Additionally, a spokesperson for the YouTube company told Engadget at the time that it also had no plans to make its iPad app available on the Internet. 'visionOS App Store. Porting iPad apps is the (relatively) quick and easy way for developers to install their software on Apple's “spatial computing” device.

Juno, unofficial YouTube app from developer Christian Selig for Vision Pro (Christian Selig / Juno)

Something has changed the company's mind in the last two and a half weeks. One theory is that, despite its staggering $3,500 price tag, Apple's mixed reality headset appears to be off to a hot start as the company's most loyal and wealthiest fans quickly snapped up pre-orders. Knowledgeable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimated that Apple sold between 160,000 and 180,000 headsets during its opening weekend.

Another theory is that YouTube noticed an independent developer taking over. Christian Selig, the creator of the now-defunct Apollo app for Reddit, launched a unofficial third-party YouTube app called Juno which was available at launch. Selig enjoys considerable trust and stature among Apple device users: he is a former Apple developer and creator of one of iOS users' favorite Reddit apps (before the controversial Apple API rules). the company does effectively kill most third-party Reddit apps).

“YouTube is probably one of the parts of the Internet that I consume the most, so I was beyond sad when YouTube announced that it had no plans to create a visionOS app and disabled the option to load the iPad app.” Selig explained last week in a blog post. “That leaves you with Safari, and the website is okay, but definitely doesn't look like a visionOS app.”

YouTube supports 3D and 360-degree videos, but neither currently works on Vision Pro. It's not yet clear whether the company plans to integrate them into its app.

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