12 Things Doctors Do When Traveling To Avoid Getting Sick

“I make sure I'm up to date on my vaccinations before traveling,” Wu said. “The flu and COVID-19 are very common among travelers, and even a mild case can ruin a trip. Additionally, for international travel, additional vaccinations may be recommended or required, or even malaria prophylaxis for some areas. I suggest travelers consult the CDC [Centers for Disease Control Prevention] travel website or consult a travel medicine specialist for advice.

In addition to obtaining necessary vaccinations for travel in advance, you may want to obtain special medications in advance.

“Consider getting a prescription for diarrhea medication if you're traveling to another country where traveler's diarrhea may be a problem,” Bawer advised. “If you are traveling to another country, avoid drinking its water – this includes anything washed with local water such as salad and fruit. Focus on eating foods that have shells and don't need to be washed, and drink bottled water. Also use it to brush your teeth. This can help prevent the development of traveler's diarrhea.

Carrying an over-the-counter antidiarrheal like Imodium is another good idea, especially when traveling abroad.

“If I'm unsure about certain meals, I try to stick to foods that are fully cooked and served hot, avoiding raw and undercooked foods,” Viola added.

10. Follow sun protection

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