17 Wild And Heartbreaking Small Town Secrets


“A family moved to town after one of those shows that build a house for people in need. Apparently the child suffered from some sort of rare illness that required specialized rooms and bigger doors to be able to moving medical equipment in and out of the house. They moved to my town because it was a cheaper alternative to living directly in the next town where their child was supposed to receive treatment. There were a lot of things to do to do about it, the TV people came, did their housework, parents and children were on TV, the whole mess. However, months later the police came to their house. Not only the husband had embezzled money from his previous job, but their child wasn't sick. They'd gotten a ton of money back through donations that were supposed to help pay for things like medical bills and equipment that was supposed to be installed in the house to help this child. When the police arrived, the house was completely empty. All the furniture was gone, no cars, nothing.

“As far as I know, there is still a warrant for their arrest, but they have not been arrested. It was assumed that this is not the first time they have run a scam like this , but that they hadn't thought about it. through the appearance on television beyond “look, mom, I'm on TV! Because that's how the police found the father about embezzlement.”


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