18 Best Denim Jeans For Petite Women With Short Inseams

But before you jump into your jeans search, I highly suggest finding your inseam first and keeping it handy in your Notes app – this number will be extremely helpful when considering size and fit. 'a product. To determine your inseam, take your favorite pair of pants (crotchless) and measure the distance from the inseam to the bottom hem. For a true petite style, this probably won't be more than 27 inches, although some brands like think that 30 inches is a small cut – which, um, it’s not. (Most short people I know have inseams between 23 and 26 inches.) With this inseam measurement, you'll have the power to find jeans that will actually fit your lower half; add an inch for longer length or remove an inch for a high water look. And be sure to follow the classic tip of looking for “cropped” or “ankle” jeans at any retailer that offers these filters – you know, jeans that are cropped for taller but fuller people length for small ones. Consider this a simple hack for quickly sorting short items.

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