Ahsoka’s E-Wing Is Flying Into Hasbro’s Star Wars Toy Line

Picture: Hasbro

In another lifeThe E-Wing was supposed to replace the iconic X-Wing as the go-to starfighter of Star Wars' job-Return of the Jedi fiction. But even though neither in the original Expanded Universe in which he debuted, nor in the rebooted canon after his appearance in Ahsoka—the E-Wing never really had it's time to shineat least in the area of ​​derivatives it is doing very well.

When Ahsoka launched last summer, we were able to see the Lego socket on the legendary starfighter, but now it's Hasbro's turn: io9 can exclusively reveal that the E-Wing joins the toymaker's line of Vintage Collection vehicles, designed to accompany its 3.75″ Star Wars figurines.

According to its appearance in Ahsoka, the E-Wing features retractable landing gear, as well as a sliding canopy cockpit and a removable panel for storing cargo inside. The box contains a cheeky debut from the Vintage Collection in the form of KE4-N4, the droid partner of New Republic pilot Lieutenant Callahan. In the Expanded Universe, the E-Wing was the first starfighter designed for use exclusively with the latest R7 astromech models. While we don't know for sure what type of astronomical unit KE4 is, they make their comrade debut alongside the E-Wing.

KE4 will ship on its own retro-style card back, Vintage Collection – and while Hasbro hasn't confirmed whether or not the E-Wing pilot is on the way in a separate release… well, it would perhaps be prudent to assume that at a few point your shiny new spaceship toy will have someone you can slide into the cockpit.

The vintage collection E-Wing will cost $100 and is expected to release in fall 2024. Pre-orders begin later today, February 7, at 1 p.m. ET. on Hasbro Pulse, for a limited time window ending at 11:59 p.m. ET on March 5. However, if you miss out, the E-Wing will also be available at Disney Stores and Disney Parks this fall. Click through to see many more photos of the fighter and KE4-N4!

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