Blake Lively’s Sisterhood Role Almost Went to Olivia Wilde

Blake Lively I almost never got to wear the magic pants.

Brotherhood of Traveling Pants producer Debra Martin Chase recently detailed the casting process behind the 2005 film, revealing that Blake's role as Bridget Vreeland almost went to someone else.

“We were going to launch Mischa Barton as Blake Lively,” she shared on the February 7 episode of the Hollywood gold podcast, noting that Smallville's Kristin Kreuk was also considered to star Alexis BlédelThe character of Lena Kaligaris.

Mischa, however, was quite busy filming the popular TV series. The COwhich took place from 2003 to 2007. And after the production on Brotherhood of Traveling Pants was rejected in favor of Hilary Duffthe iconic 2004 romantic comedy A Cinderella story, the team had to recast many roles due to scheduling issues.

“We started all over again,” Debra explained, sharing that Kaley Cuoco and Alexa [PenaVega] were considered, while [Olivia Wilde] was on the “short list”.

As she noted: “We saw everyone.”

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