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Lila Ehjä is a Parisian one-girl band creating gothic, experimental coldwave suitable for the apocalypse soundtrack or a dark solo rave in your bedroom. His last full-length effort Clivota is an exploration of atmospheric, sinuous, grunge-influenced instrumentation through '80s new wave heroes Siouxsie and the Banshees and Disintegration-The Cure era, traditional verses and structure sacrificed for a desperate voice and enigmatic lyrics. Clivota exists as a mood and a feeling instead of something logical, the chugging rhythms and incessant layers of distortion always hypnotic but never punishing, always meandering without being jarring. There's a deadpan, Kim Gordon-like essence to Ehjä's voice, a sonic blend of everything great about no-wave, new wave, post-punk, goth rock and everything in between . — Cady Sirégar

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