Disney+ has started cracking down on password sharing in the US

Disney+ started being strict about password sharing in Canada last year, and is now extending the restriction to the United States. According to The edge, the streaming service is sending emails to its subscribers in the country, informing them of a change in its terms of service. Its service contract now states that users cannot share their passwords outside of their household “unless otherwise authorized by [their] level of service”, suggesting the arrival of new subscription options in the future.

The edge says Disney+ has told subscribers they can analyze their account usage to “determine compliance,” though it hasn’t specified how exactly its methods work. “We are adding limitations on sharing your account outside of your household and explaining how we can assess your compliance with these limitations,” Disney+ reportedly wrote in its email. In its service contract, the service describes “household” as “all devices associated with [subscribers’] main personal residence which are used by the individuals who reside there.” The rule already applies to new subscribers, but old ones have until March 14 to feel the effects.

Disney's other streaming service, Hulu, also recently announced that it was cracking down on sharing passwords outside of the subscriber's “primary personal residence.” It used the same language in its warning to users, also telling them that their accounts will be scanned for compliance and that it will begin enforcing the new rule on March 14.

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