Haley loses Nevada’s GOP primary as Biden wins Democratic contest

President Joe Biden, center, takes photos with customers at They Say Restaurant during a campaign stop February 1, 2024, in Harper Woods, Michigan. Evan Vucci/AP

How does Joe Biden get re-elected? National polls show him more often behind Donald Trump than in the lead – a rare position for an incumbent president at this stage of the campaign.

But these national polls don't mean much. You win elections state by state thanks to the Electoral College. Back in 2020The closest battleground states (i.e. those decided by 3 points or less) were either around the Great Lakes (Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) or along the Sun Belt (Arizona, Georgia , Nevada and North Carolina).

Biden would be re-elected if he wins every state in either region, provided he also wins the remaining states he won in 2020.

At this point, however, it appears his easiest path to a second term is through the Great Lakes rather than the Sun Belt.

Watch two Fox News Polls released Thursday. Biden and Trump were tied in Wisconsin — a state the president won by less than a point in 2020. In Georgia, another state Biden won by less than a point four years ago, Trump held an advantage of 8 points.

These Fox News polls are not outliers. Trump took no action (even within the margin of error) Wisconsin Poll this cycle which meets CNN's publishing standards. On the other end of the phone, he didn't lag behind anyone Georgia poll in well over a year.

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