Homeland Security is hiring AI experts

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is seeking artificial intelligence experts to help harness AI to advance its mission.

The recruiting efforts come a day after House Republicans narrowly failed to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, saying he refused to enforce immigration law and therefore had “betrayed the public trust”. This is seen by the GOP as a failure to keep a key promise to their main voters.

That same day, Mayorkas, accompanied by Eric Hysen, DHS chief information officer, ventured into Silicon Valley recruit AI experts for the department. Hysen is also responsible for artificial intelligence at Homeland Security.

“We want to lead the federal government in harnessing AI to advance our mission,” Mayorkas said at the event in Mountain View, Calif., adding that using AI is paramount. ethical and responsible manner. “It is extremely important that we build trust in how we use AI.”


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The recruits will be known as the AI ​​Corps, modeled after the American Digital Servicea technology unit housed within the Executive Office of the President (EOP).

The agency is looking to recruit 50 employees in this space over the next year. Mayorkas emphasized at the event that they are open to remote employees, a sentiment reiterated in a DHS survey. hiring page.

In an official press release, Mayorkas says the AI ​​Corps will work “on various projects.”

“The DHS AI Corps will enable the Department of Homeland Security to keep pace with innovation as we strengthen our work fighting fentanyl traffickers, rescuing victims of child sexual exploitation, combating cyberattacks, disaster damage assessment and much more,” the report reads. statement. AI has already been used to

The key areas and roles in which AI will likely be used by Homeland Security have been listed in more detail on the official recruitment page:

  • Improving border security

  • Making air travel easier and safer

  • Combating online child exploitation

  • Improve customer service

  • Supporting disaster survivors

  • Defend yourself against cyber threats

  • Lead AI research, development and deployment

  • Combating malicious use of AI

For each mission, different AI-based skills are sought, including machine vision, facial comparison, facial recognition, natural language processing, and research and development. Haysen added in a statement that the AI ​​team will be deployed “to address issues and modernize service delivery to the public.”


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“We are recruiting faster than ever because the need is urgent,” he said.

At the event, Mayorkas acknowledged that AI is a polarizing topic within politics. However, he praised the potential of AI, saying: “There is an underlying impatience on my part to demonstrate [that the] government can do anything the private sector can do. »

Government and legal bodies are grappling with the proliferation of AI, whether it's combating an epidemic of deepfakes or even where legislation authored by ChatGPT was passed by lawmakers in a country. Cities like New York have also announced their own plans to advance AI, signaling new territory for authorities to consider.

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