I. Jordan Announces Debut Album I Am Jordan, Shares New Song and Video: Watch

I. Jordan has announced his debut album. I am Jordan releases May 10 via Ninja Music. “Real Hot n Naughty” leads the LP, and it features a vocal turn from the actor and rapper Felix MuftiWho Sex education fans will recognize as It Boy Roman. In the video, Jordan and Mufti throw a party at a bingo hall; watch it go down below.

Jordan said in press materials: “A big part of why Felix and I instantly bonded was because of our working-class gay backgrounds, and also our pride in that. Our goal with this track is to create a true queer Nordic dance anthem. A lot of northern working-class humor says, “It's a bit shit, but whatever. We're going to piss.'

The album, Jordan added, “is about joy.” They continued: “It's about my joy as a trans person, and my trans joy in general, working with trans people, making all this fun music together.” The new video, they said, “is tied to our upbringing and the spaces we spent a lot of time in when we were growing up. Beautifying and reclaiming them to be full of queer and trans joy felt important and symbolic because it connected two important parts of my identity that aren't often merged. We wanted to do something fun and cute and cheeky and fuck all the conservatives.

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