Jeanine Pirro Calls Black Colleague an ‘Oreo’ During Fox Segment

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro called her Black colleague an “Oreo” Tuesday during a discussion about New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently bragging about his “chocolate” administration.

On The fivePirro mentioned Adams' appearance Last Wednesday, during a community event at a Brooklyn public school, Adams said one of the reasons he was the target of criticism was the ethnicity of his deputy mayors.

“Get up, they need to see you,” Adams told each of the five women of color. “Have you ever seen so much chocolate running New York City?” And then follow the line. Look who's here. It is representative of the city. That's why people hate me.

It's unclear who the “people” Adams was referring to were and whether his comment was related to how federal investigators probed whether his 2021 campaign received illegal donations with help from the Turkish government .

Adams also likened his actions as mayor to gospel account of Jesus overturning the tables in the Temple of Jerusalem: “First female police commissioner of color. First Spanish-speaking police commissioner. First Spanish-speaking correctional commissioner. Walk the line of what we're doing in two years. »

On Fox, Pirro first turned to Harold Ford Jr., a Democrat and former congressman from Tennessee.

“When I was reading this line: 'Have you ever seen so much chocolate running New York City?' » I mean, I didn't know if it was offensive. Is this offensive to the people he was referring to? ” she asked.

Ford responded that Adams was “just trying to say that there are a lot of African-American leaders.”

Pirro, describing Adams as “articulate,” still wondered about this. “Why did he call them “chocolate”? »

“Maybe he didn't have enough time.” He might have tried to condense it,” Ford said, adding that he himself would have gone a different route.

After co-hosts Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino said Adams' audience shouldn't have been offended, Gutfeld told Ford, “You're like my Cadbury egg.”

“It’s my Snickers,” Perino said, after which Pirro felt obligated to join in.

” Oreo ! That’s all,” she says, provoking laughter from Gutfeld, Pirro and Jesse Watters, who cover their faces with both hands.

Ford seemed surprised by this comment.

“An Oreo? Did you call me an Oreo? he said.

“Yeah. Yeah,” Pirro said.

“Black on the outside, white on the inside,” Ford said, explaining the meaning of the term when used in a derogatory manner. “I prefer Snickers.” The term “oreo” was regularly describe as offensive.

At the end of the segment, after Watters suggested that Ford would be a better mayor than the outgoing president, Pirro appeared to try to smooth things over. “Harold, we love you. I love you. How are you ?

“I’m fine,” he replied. “Mr. Mayor, thank you.

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