Jesse Kelly Takes Credit for Telling Sen. James Lankford He’d ‘Destroy’ Him Over Border Bill

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) said Wednesday that an anonymous but “popular” right-wing media personality recently threatened him for working on a sweeping immigration bill, saying the expert had said they would “destroy” him if he tried. to propose this bill before this year's presidential election.

After Lankford made these comments on the Senate floor, MAGA radio host Jesse Kelly took the credit for conveying the threat, while calling the Oklahoma senator a “eunuch.”

After four months of intense negotiations — and repeated insistence by Republicans that any bill providing aid to Ukraine and Israel also included strict border security measures — former President Donald Trump and his allies torpedoed the agreement even before the text of the legislation was made public.

While the GOP front-runner openly said he wanted the border crisis to continue in order to politically damage President Joe Biden, Republicans quickly fell in line and said they would not support the bill. 'they once demanded.

While the $118 billion immigration and foreign aid legislation was “dead on arrival,” Lankford — who was one of the deal's lead negotiators — lectured his Republican colleagues for having refused to “move things forward and solve problems”. Before the Senate voted against the package Wednesday, the conservative lawmaker chastised the chamber for only wanting to hold “press conferences” and not work across the aisle and pass legislation.

Speaking of massive decline of the right The bill was obtained after Trump came out against it, Lankford then noted that a conservative media personality approached him privately and asked him to defeat the deal.

“I spoke to a popular commentator four weeks ago, who told me bluntly – before he knew the contents of the bill, no contents, nothing was revealed at that time – who told me bluntly, “If you try to propose a bill that solves the border crisis this presidential year, I will do everything I can to destroy you, because I don't want you to solve this during the presidential election,'” Lankford said on the Senate floor.

“Besides, they were faithful to their promise and did everything they could to destroy me in recent weeks,” added the senator.

With speculation already going wild on the identity of the mysterious right-wing expert, who included familiar names from Fox News who said They helped bust the deal, Kelly tweeted that he was the culprit.

“He may be a eunuch, but I will say this about James Lankford: he has great taste in radio. 😏 Yes, in case you're wondering, he's talking about me,” Kelly proudly proclaimed.

Lankford's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether Kelly was indeed the “popular” host who threatened the senator.

Since the sweeping immigration bill was finally unveiled, conservative media have been working overtime to derail the deal, while misrepresenting the content of the deal. legislative provisions, apparently on purpose. Even when Lankford and the bill's other sponsors debunked Fox News lies about the bill— namely that it would allow 5,000 migrants to cross the southern border every day — the stars of the network continued has peddle those complaints.

Meanwhile, right-wing media figures have took a particular aim to Lankford for the crime of negotiating with Democrats on an immigration and border deal.

Even if current legislation reads like a conservative wish listMAGA provocateurs and anti-immigrant hawks appealed Lankford will be “criminally prosecuted” and “incarcerated” for his “treason”. Trump also continued, falsely claiming that he never supported Lankford for election to the Senate. (He did.)

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