Olivia Ballard Berlin Fall 2024 Collection

“I wanted a bed like no other last year,” said Olivia Ballard after her presentation of the fall 2024 fashion show. With everything that is happening politically and the world returning to “this rhythm very rapid work” after the end of the pandemic years, she wanted moments of rest and solitude to reflect.

The New York designer therefore made her place of desire the central element of her Le Lit collection, and played with textures and fabrics according to the theme. Cloud-shaped blanket dresses and bomber jackets, padded pillow tops, plaid wool cover pieces, and lots of white jersey were among the very literal translations, while the use of heavier outerwear fabrics and light, silky suits with pajama-like pajamas were among the most subtle. those.

The plaid and tailoring elements in particular seemed rather atypical for Ballard, particularly known for her delicate dresses, of which there were only a few in the collection. For the designer, it was important to use the show and its performative nature to experiment a little more freely and push her usual textures and basic elements further. After all, his designs have always been about hugging different shapes and making us feel good in our bodies and our clothes – and that's exactly what wearing this gigantic zip-back hoodie with ruffles or a pillow cover might do.

The show was accompanied by live music from the trio La Chatte whose lead singer Vava Dudu sang “Xanax” from a real bed on the floor, complementing the calm atmosphere in a whimsical way.

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