Taylor Swift Debuts ‘Dear Reader’ Live at Tokyo Concert on Eras Tour

The tour of eras is back in full swing, which means Swifties also picked up tracking Taylor Swift's deep cuts that made it into the three-hour show's surprise song segment. During her first concert, at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, the singer launched into the live debut of “Dear Reader”, a deep sample from the deluxe edition of Midnights.

The filing shows Swift giving advice on finding balance. “Dear reader, lean in when you can, slam when you have to/Dear reader, you don’t have to answer just because they asked you to,” she sings. “Dear reader, the greatest luxury is your secrets/Dear reader, when you aim for the devil, make sure you don't miss.” But even his advice comes with a caveat: “Never take advice from someone who is falling apart.” »

For the second surprise song of the evening, Swift selected “Holy Ground” from her 2012 album. Red.

Swift will perform three more shows in Tokyo before flying to Australia later this month – after which, of course, she'll stop in Las Vegas this weekend for the Super Bowl as an honorary member of the Chiefs from Kansas City. Over the next few months, the singer will perform in Singapore, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Austria, the United States and in Canada.


By the time she returns to touring in May, she will have released her latest studio album, The Department of Tortured Poetsscheduled for release on April 19. At the Tokyo concert, Swift revealed that if she hadn't won an award at the Grammys on Sunday, where she announced the album's title and release date, she would have saved it as a gift for the concert.

“I said to myself, 'OK, if I have a chance to get up there and win something tonight, I'm going to do it.' I'm just going to announce my new album,'” Swift told the audience. “And fortunately, it ended up happening. My backup plan was that I was going to do it tonight in Tokyo. But thanks to you and your support, I was lucky enough to win a Grammy and talk to you about it on stage at the Grammys. And now we can talk about it afterwards, we can debrief this evening.

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