These Galaxy AI Features Are Likely Coming to Older Samsung Phones

Samsung Instant Slo-mo may not be available on older Galaxy devices.
Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Samsung has yet to officially announce which of its new Galaxy AI offerings in the Galaxy S24 series will do this on older devices. But a model comparison page offered by Samsung UK and a seemingly well-researched Reddit post may have confirmed that at least four AI-based features will be available on your older Galaxy smartphone.

Features include those of Google Circle to searchwhich makes sense since it's enabled Pixel devices, and Live Translate, Note Assist and Photo Assist. The latter three are integrated into bundled apps as part of the OneUI experience. For example, Live Translate is available in the Samsung Dialer app, while Note Assist is contained in Samsung Notes and Photo Assist is accessible through the manufacturer's Gallery app.

I couldn't find the Samsung UK comparison page matching the screenshots circulating on the various Android blogs. I know Samsung told us this during its Unboxed Launch Event that it would bring some of the Galaxy AI features to previous devices. He only mentioned Galaxy Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5And Galaxy Tab S9 users and I didn't go into details.

I saw the Reddit post trending last week, although this remains unsubstantiated by Samsung outside of a web page that some people may have accessed. I even contacted Samsung, hoping to get more details.

Code detective Michael Rahman notes that at least seven mostly commercialized features are missing from the programming. They include generative writing assistance as part of the Samsung keyboard, Help with transcription as part of the Samsung Voice Recorder, and even the generative wallpaper offering. There's also no instant slow motion mentioned, which is arguably one of Galaxy AI's best new features.

Samsung could do us all a favor if it would just publish a support page with the necessary information. It's clear that people are interested in the new features, but it's still unclear whether AI exclusivity will be the kind of thing that will boost phone sales. Anyway, while Galaxy S24 Ultra is the ultimate Android smartphone to be launched this year, which is worth it has little to do with Galaxy AI.

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