This Super Bowl Will Feature ‘Doink’ Cameras. I’m Sorry, What?

Imagine that, but with a camera inside the basket to get a full view of the failure.
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Ready to watch your favorite team's field goal fail close? This year's Super Bowl LVIII adds a raft of new technology to the proceedings, but first on the list is a set of all-new “doink” cameras centered on the uprights of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. CBS, in charge of broadcasting this year's big gameessentially gives viewers a front-row seat if their favorite team scores one of the amounts in the most-watched game of the season.

Of the 165 cameras attempting to capture every angle of the game vertically and horizontally, six cameras will be embedded inside the goal posts themselves, three per end. Apparently, they will be positioned so that no matter which way the ball hits the uprights, fans will be able to watch them up close. CBS reported that its network will broadcast the Super Bowl in 1080p HDR and 4K HDR, just like last year's big game.

There is always a range of new technologies which is introduced with each new Super Bowl. Last year's Philadelphia Eagles game against the Kansas City Chiefs brought drone cameras, a lot more 4K streaming, extensive overhead skycams and instant slow-motion replays from multiple angles. This year, skycams and drone cameras will also observe the masses of tailgaters gathered outside Allegiant Stadium.

Finally, CBS is introducing its Techno Bird Crane, a mind-bogglingly 53-foot camera crane that can swoop down the side of the stadium to get those massive, panoramic shots. We're probably going to see that big crane camera let loose during this year's Taylor Swift halftime show.

The “Doink” cameras will be quite small, and we may only understand their image quality if, and only if, someone misses a kick during LVIII. It's likely that the NFL and CBS will attempt to film up close what happened during last year's Super Bowl. During Super Bowl LVII, Chief's Harrison Butker hit a stile at 4th and 3rd, leaving the two teams woefully tied.

Maybe CBS would like to make the most of misses, like the 2019 game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears, where kicker Cody Parkey kicked not one but two goal posts on the same winning kick. The hubbub only continued when the video showed that the Treyvon Hester of Eagle I actually managed to tip the ball ever so slightly.

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