Why Did Taylor Swift Keep Trying to Put Her Grammy on People’s Heads?

If you haven't heard yet, Taylor Swift made history at the Grammys on Sunday night by becoming the only artist to win album of the year four times. She won this Grammy – her 14th overall – for her album Midnights– which also won Best Pop Vocal Album at the ceremony.

We could talk about Swift's record-breaking achievements, her impact on culture, her crazy 2023, or her mid-Grammys announcement that her next album, The Department of Tortured Poetscomes out April 19. But I have a more urgent and pressing question that I need to answer.

Why did Taylor Swift keep trying to put her Grammy Award on people's heads?

This is a real thing she did repeatedly, without explanation or preamble, during and after the awards show.

See: Exhibit A. Swift had barely finished her speech after winning album of the year when she exuberantly began forcing people to wear her award like a hat.

But she wasn't finished. After the show, Swift tried very, very hard to convince Boygenius to place his trophy on their heads.

First, she tried to convince Lucy Dacus to try on her new hat.


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