William Fan Berlin Fall 2024 Collection

William Fan remains true to himself. He has long maintained the tradition of only sharing the address of his show the day before the event itself. Because, unlike other designers, these places are unique, often far away by car, and the more you know the designer's thoughts, the more you have an initial idea of ​​the collection. This season the venue was the Olympic Stadium warm-up room and, as usual, we found out a day in advance. Is William Fan swapping brocade for jersey? Maybe he's actually changing direction?

Compared to recent years, this is certainly a major change in the design of its collection. Fan shirts, coats and wide pants were represented in new materials, as in every season, but never took over. Instead, knits dominated the show and highlighted the casual luxury of a range he called Off Duty. Knitwear, polo shirts and loose pants were used by Fan as a metaphor for free time. His move away from glamor gave way to tunics and turtlenecks. Of course, there were also evening elements and party looks, but the pearl bags, for example, were so big that they could only be seen in a trendy Berlin bar, as a day or night accessory after work.

Fan's finest tradition is probably the song he chooses for the show. It's almost always a forgotten piece, but it lingers in the memory like an earworm after the show. This time it was “Born Slippy” by Underworld. Because after all, no one wants to stop partying completely.

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