Esther Ghey focused on ‘lasting legacy for Brianna’

“Through Peace & Mind, we want to improve lives by empowering people, giving them the tools they need to develop mental resilience, empathy and self-compassion through mindfulness.

“By developing these skills, I hope we can create a more understanding, peaceful and stronger society for all.”

Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe, both 16, were sentenced to life for the murder of Brianna, also 16, in a park near her home.

Mr Sunak accused Mr Starmer of “using tragedy” and displaying the “worst politics” in the House of Commons.

He said his comments during Prime Minister's Questions were “absolutely legitimate” and that he had “only the sincerest sympathy for [Brianna Ghey’s] all family and friends.”

Ms Ghey was in Parliament on Wednesday alongside Emma Mills, the headteacher of Brianna's school, to attend a debate on whether mindfulness should be introduced into the national curriculum.

Ms Ghey has already raised thousands of pounds to deliver mindfulness training in schools in her area, around Warrington.

Ms Mills, headteacher of Birchwood Community High School, told BBC Breakfast on Thursday that they had not been present during Mr Sunak's comments and had “not really discussed it” that day.

She supports the campaign led by Brianna's mother, saying mindfulness would be a “huge step forward” for education.

Mindfulness is a calming technique that involves examining the present moment without judgement, explains the charity Mind.

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