Feel the Presence of Pennywise at Escape It Las Vegas

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Las Vegas has long attracted tourists for obvious reasons, but it has also more recently become a gourmet destination and a immersive experience center. Just off the Strip, you can be transported to Derry, Maine, and experience your own horrifying encounter with Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, thanks to Warner Bros. Escape Las Vegas, an escape room that takes you into the world of Andy Muschietti's He movies.

Perfect for the horror demon couple or a Galentine's girl's trip, Escape Las Vegas is unlike any escape room you've ever been to. Created in collaboration with Warner Bros., it offers two one-hour experiences inspired by It: Chapter One And He: chapter two, with three difficulty levels. io9 recently visited to see how it elevates popular puzzle rooms that often have a horror theme, but nothing really scary happens there. This is not a pop-up to hang out in the house on Neibolt Street ends with a crazy animatronic Pennywise jumping at you; Escape Not only do real actors play the residents of Derry, but there are also Pennywise actors lurking…and they often do more than jump. One of the scariest moments I experienced happened in the sewers of Chapter one; I was trying to find a code on a lock while I felt a presence behind me that told me she was Pennywise. Did I turn around? No. Take a look at the video below to see Pennywise in action.

The real-life fusion of a haunted element in the escape rooms – which were complete elaborate sets recreating iconic moments from the film – makes this a can't-miss Las Vegas experience for fans of haunting and horror. It's so well done, and there are so many Easter eggs that it will make any Stephen King fan dizzy. The great thing is that even if everything gets overwhelming as you get distracted by the cool and coolness of the rooms, or recover from Pennywise chasing you, there's always someone around to help propel the story. We loved the touch of interactive theater, in which you can act as much as you want.

Escape is open Wednesday through Sunday with reservation slots available throughout February. If you're in Vegas for the Super Bowl or Valentine's Day and want to have some frightful fun, be sure to check it out. As more studios roll out immersive satellite extensions, we're curious to see if Warner Bros. will evolve its horror properties in space over time…The conjuring universe would be a perfect future theme. For now, Pennywise faces Sin City and that's good for He.

To book the experience visit EscapeIt.com.

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