FromSoftware’s parent company has acquired Acquire, the studio behind Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler Developer Acquire has been purchased by FromSoftware's parent company, Kadokawa Corporation, for an undisclosed amount. The Japanese conglomerate announced the acquisition in a quarterly earnings report released today,

The purchase makes Acquire a sister company to FromSoftware and Spike Chunsoft, among others. For the uninitiated, FromSoftware is the developer behind little-known games like Dark Souls, Elden Ring and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Spike Chunsoft is not left out either, since he is behind the Danganronpa and AI: The Somnium Files franchises.

Acquire has made many games beyond Octopath Traveler and its sequel, including No Heroes Allowed VR, Akiba's Beat And Akiba's Journey: Undead and Undressed. Kadokawa said the purchase should help the company “generate synergies” with its “existing gaming-related subsidiaries.” We don't know what this means, but I hope it refers to some bizarre phenomenon. Octopath Traveler And Ancient Ring cross title.

Kadokawa also claims that the move will improve its “console gaming lineup.” It's true, like the original Octopath Traveler and the rest Those are big numbers for JRPGs with old-school mechanics. The company hasn't announced whether it will still rely on Square Enix to publish future entries in the Octopath franchise, but with these sales numbers, it's a pretty safe bet.

Last years Octopath Traveler 2 came to mostly positive reviews, for the same reason many people do. The eight storylines don't intersect enough, making the whole thing feel rather random and disconnected. Still, the games look beautiful and manage to capitalize on the nostalgia of retro gaming mechanics. They “feel” like classic Square Enix RPGs, even if they struggle with some of the execution.

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