MAGA Host Jesse Kelly Is Not ‘Popular’ Pundit Who Threatened GOP Sen. James Lankford: Sources

Right-wing radio host Jesse Kelly is not the anonymous but 'popular' pundit who threatened to 'destroy' Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) if he tried to advance immigration legislation before the presidential election, two informed sources told Le Quotidien. Beast.

After Lankford made the comments on the Senate floor Wednesday, Kelly — who hosts a syndicated radio show and a program on the right-wing fringe cable channel The First — quickly claimed he was the culprit.

“He may be a eunuch, but I will say this about James Lankford: he has great taste in radio. 😏 Yes, in case you're wondering, he's talking about me,” Kelly tweeted.

During his speech on Wednesday, Lankford spoke at length about the negative reaction he received pro-Trump media over the bipartisan border security and foreign aid bill he worked on for four months. The legislation, pushed for by Republicans months ago, was torpedoed after former President Donald Trump opposed it so he could continue to use the border crisis to politically damage President Joe Biden.

According to the Oklahoma senator, a well-known conservative media personality recently approached him and told him there would be hell to pay if Lankford didn't stop working on the border deal.

“I spoke to a popular commentator four weeks ago, who told me bluntly – before he knew the contents of the bill, no contents, nothing was revealed at that time – who told me bluntly, “If you try to propose a bill that solves the border crisis this presidential year, I will do everything I can to destroy you, because I don't want you to solve this during the presidential election,'” Lankford said.

“Besides, they were true to their promise and did everything they could to destroy me over the past few weeks,” he added.

After Kelly publicly took credit for threatening Lankford, two sources with knowledge of the matter told The Daily Beast that the senator was not referring to Kelly during his Senate speech.

Lankford and his office have not commented on the identity of the “popular commentator” behind the alleged threat.

Although the senator may not have mentioned Kelly during his speech, the MAGA radio host was open about his opposition to the bipartisan immigration deal and his desire to see the political destruction of the legislator.

“James Lankford must be destroyed politically over this border bill. I’m not just saying this because of my extreme malice towards Senator Naked Ken Doll,” Kelly said. tweeted Monday. “It's important that other Republican senators see @jameslankford's career end because of this. We must make an example of him.

Since claiming he was the one who told Lankford he would “destroy” him, Kelly has bragged about triggering liberals over his supposed public admission.

“The funny thing, out of all these communists getting mad at me for threatening Lankford's career, is that Mitch McConnell is the one who really hurt him,” he said. wrote on social networks Thursday. “He identified the stupidest, weakest member of the Republican Senate and dumped everything in his lap. Sly.”

Kelly did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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