10 Emerging Designers to Know from Berlin Fashion Week’s Fall-Winter 2024 Season

New York Fashion Week has just started in the United States, but in Europe, the fashion shows haven't stopped. After a very lively couture show and men's collections in Milan and Paris, Berlin Fashion Week took over from February 5 to 8, slightly pushing back its traditional January slot until February with the aim of establishing itself as a another competitor on the international market. -scene to wear.

This season, Berlin Fashion Week filled every corner of the German capital with new talents. With 32 official shows on the fall-winter 2024 program organized in different locations across the city, as well as numerous off-calendar events, the city has transformed into a hotbed of community and creativity.

For several seasons now, Berlin Fashion Week has already welcomed more established talents like Namilia, the Berlin duo behind the first launch of Kylie Jenner's Khy brand, famous for its NSFW creations. Although brands like Namilia will always hold a prominent place on the German scene, it is emerging designers who play an important role for BFW in terms of international appeal.

Initiatives like Contemporary Berlin, aimed at supporting and showcasing emerging labels, helps launch talent from a local scene to a global platform. A total of 18 brands were selected as winners this year, including newly minted labels (more on that below) and veterans like William Fan, Dennis Chuene, Richert Beil and Ukrainian-born designer Kristina Bobkova.

Each BFW designer has their own flavor. However, there are certain commonalities that connect them all: unbridled creativity, an underground sensibility, unparalleled fluidity, a focus on sustainability, and more than just a touch of wearability.

Thanks to new funding from the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises, Berlin Fashion Week, organized by the Fashion Council Germany, is slowly but surely finding its place among the main pillars of fashion, a bit like Copenhagen, to fully showcase the talents coming from outside. the big four of fashion.

Below, find Teenager Vogue The top 10 emerging designers from Berlin Fashion Week's Fall/Winter 2024 season who should be on your radar – if you aren't already.

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