30 Experiential Valentine’s Gifts They Can Do At Home

This kit includes five types of USDA Certified Organic Non-GMO seeds including Big Leaf Italian Basil, Cilantro Cilantro (Slow Bolt), Peione Parsley, Broad Leaf Sage and Thyme, five pots of peat moss USDA Certified Organic Compostables, Five USDA Certified Organic Compostable Peat Pots, Five USDA Certified Organic Seed Rich. potting soil discs, five custom wood-burned plant markers, and a 25-page growing guide manual.

Promising review: “I purchased this for my son and I to experiment with an herb garden during quarantine. We had a great time setting up these little growers. It comes with everything needed to start an herb garden .The little dirt discs were weird at first growing, but we got the hang of it easily. My 8 year old son enjoyed planting and watching the seeds develop over time. We soon move on to the transplanting phase and I “Hopefully we can keep pushing through the process.” —Virginia LaBorde

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