Amen Dunes announces first album in six years

Damon McMahon's solo project Amen Dunes has confirmed details of a new studio album. Jokes about death will be released on May 10 via Sub Pop and is Amen Dunes' first album since 2018. Freedom. A song from the new album, “Purple Land,” is streaming below.

“‘Purple Land’ is one of the album’s interstitial character portraits,” McMahon said in a statement. “First of a child, then of the narrator, then of a self-contained character as they all navigate and find release from the disconnection and disenchantment of an uncertain world. It begins first as a song for my daughter about life on earth, offering platitudes, warnings and advice through its various stages, until it becomes a reflection on the narrator's own uncertainties as he moves through the world, ultimately ending with a character from Rhea Anne who illustrates the release of it all in a moment of simple reckless freedom, as the beat drops in the song's final minute.

Press equipment for Jokes about death note that the album has been in the works since 2019, although periods of ill health (including Covid) have delayed the record's completion. Jazz bassist Sam Wilkes guest stars on three songs while samples used in the songs include clips of stand-up comedy, works by Type O Negative and Coil, chants recorded at a protest and audio from 'an interview with the late J Dilla.

In addition to the new album, McMahon also announced a series of concerts in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe in May. He will perform in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Brooklyn before heading overseas for shows in France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and England in July. Full details can be seen below.

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