André 3000 says he lost Fast & Furious role to Ludacris

André 3000's acting career has been diverse, ranging from voicing animated children's shows (Class of 3000) to slapstick comedies (Semi pro) and, more recently, the famous arthouse fare (High life, To show up). There is a universe in which 3000 is also the star of a long-running action franchise – in 2003, 3000 said during a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colberthe auditioned to play the role of Tej Parker in 2003 2 Fast 2 Furiousnow played by Ludacris.

The topic came up when Colbert pointed out that 3,000 would have been a good solution under the project. Fast franchise. “I would have,” 3000 replies, “but I think Ludacris took the role! Actually, I tried. I tried to Fast Furious, and Ludacris actually took on the role. Fast forward to 2023, and Luda is still playing Tej Parker in the movies. But there are no sour grapes, says 3000: “[I] wasn't ready…I was so nervous, man. I wouldn't hire myself. Watch the clip above via Stereogum.

Last November, André 3000 announced his return to music with New blue sun, an album of compositions for flute. Released the following month, the 3000's first new album in 17 years, New blue sun topped several rap albums in its first week of release. He currently stars in several North American shows.

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