Get two years of NordPass Premium for only $35

It goes without saying that you really need a unique, complex password for every account and service you use. Manually keeping track of all these credentials would be an onerous task, which is why everyone could benefit from a password manager. NordPass is one of our favorite password managers and the Premium plan is currently on sale. In particular, the two-year plan is 56 percent off at $35and you will also get three additional months of access at no extra cost.


Thanks to the latest NordPass Premium sale, you can get two years of access to our favorite cross-platform password manager for $35. That's 56 percent off the regular price.

$35 at NordPass

The free version of the service allows you to save and automatically fill in passwords, keys and credit card details. Go Premium and you'll get plenty of extra features at a reasonable price. On the one hand, you will be able to stay connected to NordPass when you change devices and attach files to items you have stored.

You will be able to hide your email address whenever a website asks you to submit one. Since the app uses a unique mask each time, you'll reduce the risk of having your email exposed in the event of a breach. In this regard, NordPass Premium may scan the web for data breaches to check if your personal information has been exposed. The app can also detect weak or reused passwords and prompt you to change them.

Additionally, NordVPN is offering sales on its products, with up to 67% off two-year plans. One of the great benefits of the Ultimate plan is that it includes NordPass. Two years of access will be it cost you $153. Our main reservations about NordVPN are that its plan prices are too high and it doesn't have as many features as competing VPNs Engadget tested. Still, the discount might be enough for you to start using the service.

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