How Olivia Culpo Is Getting Ready for the Super Bowl

If it's possible, the 2024 Super Bowl is getting more attention than ever. And Olivia Culpo, engaged to Christian McCaffrey of the San Francisco 49ers, has been preparing for this moment all season.

Her running back fiancé may be the one taking the field against the Kansas City Chiefs, but the camera will surely turn to the model and influencer as well. And she'll no doubt be dressed for the occasion: Throughout the season, Culpo has represented the 49ers in chic gameday looks, including one from Kristin Juszczyk, aka the same designer (and fellow WAG) who made the “87” by Taylor Swift. “Chiefs jacket.

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To find out how Culpo is preparing for the most anticipated match of the year, Charm I caught up with her for an exclusive chat about all things beauty, fashion and (of course) football.

GLAMOUR: What does your beauty routine look like on game day?

Olivia Culpo: Well, it depends on the game, but if it's a home game, everyone comes to the house for breakfast and shares clothes, spray tans, makes masks, and helps each other know what to wear . I shared a lot of my game day makeup and outfits on TikTok this season and I had so much fun with this content. I try to go for a natural look for most games and have a little more fun with my accessories.

What are your tips for staying prepared for a long day at the stadium, where you may not have time to do touch-ups and the camera may be on you at all times?

I always throw a few touch-up items in my bag (very small, stadium security is allowed) like lip gloss, external charger and lip liner. But honestly, I get so into the game that I usually forget to use anything.

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