How Phaedra and C.T. Became a Hot Power Couple on ‘The Traitors’

From the moment Alan Cumming told the candidates Traitors To pair up on Thursday night, die-hard fans knew at least two players who wouldn't waste time getting together. Ancient Real Housewives star Phaedra Parks and The challenge The former Chris “CT” Tamburello has been quietly building his chemistry for weeks, and from their quick glances and smirks last night, we all knew it was on.

…And then, as if they knew What we were all thinking about, he lowered his voice and asked, “How are you?” His answer ? An instantly iconic “All” RIGHTDad!”

To say things looked steamy is an understatement. This little movement was hot.

Phaedra didn't hesitate to vibe with CT last month, during a meeting with Andy Cohen on Watch what's happening live, she called their relationship a “love thing” and described him as her “Castle Daddy.” When asked if she was seeing anyone these days, she simply replied: “Of course I am” before shyly running her hand through her hair. Hmmm. We can all dream!

Last night's episode basically threw kerosene on that fire. When tasked with carrying a bag of gold through the woods, Phaedra and CT spent most of the mission holding hands. So, as if that wasn't enough, he comforted her during the big twist of the series, when her comrade Housewives the former Shereé Whitfield chose to save her from “murder.” Phaedra immediately started crying with gratitude, which might as well earn her an Emmy, considering that she, a traitor, was never in any real danger. But CT didn't know that! So when he reached out to place his hand on her shoulder, you knew he meant it. Faint, fade, swoon!

Then came the icing on the cake, when Phaedra turned around and used her power to save CT from being murdered. Phaedra's treacherous companion, Survivor legend Parvati Shallow, expected to be saved instead, but as many fans pointed out after the fact, that would have been insane. Why should she align herself with a sinking ship like Parvati, when she has her Castle Daddy standing right next to her?

At this point, Phaedra and CT are basically TV's new power couple, and they deserve to be. Their quirky chemistry has already inspired comparisons to Yzma and Kronk– “an evil genius and his faithful piece” – as well as some romantic comedy concepts. (Imagine: “She's a lawyer in a big city. He's a high school hockey coach. What happens when his car breaks down in his small town on Christmas Eve?”)

So, what's next for Peacock's “trendy” couple? Will Phaedra inevitably win it all and split the money with her broad-shouldered Castle Daddy? Could a spinoff series be in their future? At the very least, we can all hope that they end up as a couple for another mission or two before this devilishly addictive series ends. After all, such chemistry is a terrible thing to waste.

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