I’m An Influencer, But I’m Still Lonely On Social Media

I loved social media. It was a digital space where I could learn, create art, educate, and build community around shared interests. I was a pretty popular content creator, producing, filming, and starring in videos critiquing media, culture, and society through a Latino feminist lens. But now I hate social media. I hate the way capitalism has turned what was creative, fun, educational, and community-driven into endless ads, product placements, and user-generated content created to attract attention and brand equity. Everything from brunch with friends to home renovations looks so deliberate and highly produced. And it's exhausting. I long for the days when social media was this new virtual territory where we could meet people and create on blank canvases without the pressure of likes, shares, and follows. I so want to come back, to rediscover the youthful joy I once had using these platforms.

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