Meet Teen Vogue’s 2024 Election Student Correspondents

No one understands young voters like other young people. So for the 2024 election cycle, Teen Vogue recruited a team of student correspondent journalists to report on how their peers are navigating this messy political landscape. Our team of seven – chosen from nearly 200 candidates – represents seven of the key states that will determine the presidency and control of Congress: Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Throughout this election year, Teen VogueStudent correspondents will cover a wide range of topics, including campus organizing, the fight for abortion access, and voter suppression measures targeting young people. These correspondents will follow important local elections and share what their fellow students are saying about the presidential candidates. Join us for an on-the-ground look at what matters most to young people as we approach the 2024 campaigns and beyond.

Meet our team of correspondents below.

Vogue for teenagers: Tell us a little about yourself.
HER : I'm a senior at the University of Michigan studying English and Neuroscience. I worked for my student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, over the past three years as an editor and writer. This project interests me because narrative stories are one of the most profound ways to give people voice again. Most importantly, these stories highlight how we think, how we feel, how we love, and ultimately who we choose to lead us.

TV: What are you looking forward to covering this election cycle?
HER : I am very excited to address the impact of traumatic events and how we choose to recover from them on voter choices and participation in the communities of color that I call home, particularly in the parameters that define the social determinants of health and well-being.

TV: What is your sign?
HER : Taurus Sun, Scorpio rising and Cancer moon.

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