Royal Trux Announce Career-Spanning Vinyl Reissue Campaign With Fire Records

What is Royal Trux?

A decaying VHS “Frockumentary” from the early '90s raised this question, and nearly 33 and a half years later, the question is still being asked.

Well, let's think for a moment…

The film of the same name sees the duo of Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema touring across the United States as drug-addicted teenage delinquents on a mission to change minds, reveal truths and christen a label (Drag City ) with one of their many “out of the ordinary”. box” projects without compromise. Effortlessly and prolifically publishing films, novels, comics, rings, TV commercials and fortune cookies, long before today's all-inclusive “branding” game that is now so ubiquitous, Royal Trux were pioneers and influencers, before the latter term became coined.

Royal Trux has long been misunderstood by many, but many others have attempted to harness the rare essence of the duo. Being the real deal was their magic, and the magic being elusive has kept them “ahead of the pack and against the grain” to this day, as their old recordings are still as fresh as anything currently being released. The band's sound causes tectonic shifts from one moment to the next, sadly sidelining their “obtuse experimental sixth album” in second place, in Twin Infinitives; refining and paring down their sound for the acoustic guitar-driven country-blues and Purple Hearts n' Bones from their untitled third; Thanking you with all their post-lo-fi money and tattered mid-'90s fame, before flushing your expectations down the toilet bowl, with career highlight and misunderstood masterpiece Sweet Sixteen in 1997. A year later, their feet felt heavy. The Accelerator, and the band found further success with their most decapitating, ultra-compressed party album on headphones, finally acknowledging their role as Veterans of Disorder, in 1999; the undisputed masters of radio video, Pound For Pound, our greatest experimental boogie band still alive.

If you want to go back to school to learn about music, how to design it, write it, record it and tear it all apart at once in masterful deconstruction, to hear the best production duo Inside the Game bar none , to cut yourself (yourself) and wipe away a tear in the process too, you really don't need to look (and listen, that's key) any further than Royal Trux.

Although their iconic look-book of debauchery is what many poor imitator bands steal from Yr Faces, the sounds have always been pioneering and truly inspiring, but much harder for anyone to achieve, because those same sounds belong to the masterminds unique and beautiful by Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty.

Having worked in the studio with Neil, I have seen someone who knows EXACTLY what record he is making, what all the parts will and SHOULD be, from the moment he walks into the room (and before that of course – from from the moment he enters the room). the conception of music). I also had the privilege of working on two completely different recordings with Jennifer, one in which she went as far as electronic experimentation she could have done, beyond my own waiting infinitives, and one another where she sang the lyrics to “I Bet You” by Royal Trux forebears Funkadelic so softly and sweetly and really brought it all together with the permanent glue the track needed.

It will be your listening pleasure and a truly exciting time for all, to hear remasters of these wonderful, strange and unbeatable classic records. If you're very lucky, it's your first time, or if you're already converted, for the thousandth time. Regardless, I advise and encourage you to enter the harmolodic multiverse of their music. No matter what the legend of Royal Trux is, it will tell you what it is, what it is!

Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), 2024

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