TikToker Veruca Salt Responds to Trolls Over Her One-Month-Old’s Death

Veruca salt shares his pain.

The TikToker addressed criticism on social media who questioned her grieving process after her one-month-old son, Cash Harrison Stirlingdied in his sleep on February 5.

“No hate but I don't know how people can do tik toks right after their kids die,” one person commented under one of his videos, “like setting the camera, voiceovers, editing …I'll be in bed.” for weeks, an absolute mess.. RIP. ”

Veruca, 25, responded directly to the post, sharing a Tic Tac video of her wrapped in a blanket on February 7.

“It won't take long for me to do something to have people say, 'This is how I would act now,' from people who are literally imagining how it would be,” she said . “You have no idea, because your baby isn't dead. Mine is. And I found him like this. And that doesn't happen to you.”

The Australian influencer (real name Kimberley Summer Hartley) explained that only other parents who had lost a child could understand his suffering.

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