5.7 magnitude earthquake hits Hawaii Island

HONOLULU (KHON) — The Hawaiian Islands felt a shock Friday morning.

Residents of Hilo on Kauai confirmed they felt the earth shake just after 10 a.m., with one person in Hilo describing it as a “huge” earthquake.

THE United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the earthquake had a preliminary value of 6.3 but was examined and later reported as 5.7, located 1.25 miles off Naalehu and 23 miles below sea level.

Maui and Honolulu counties issued statements saying there was no tsunami threat, although aftershocks were expected to continue.

“This earthquake is probably associated with lithospheric bending caused by the weight of the Hawaiian Islands on the oceanic lithosphere,” the USGS said in a press release.

A number of earthquakes occurred before the largest quake around 10:06 a.m. and there have been simultaneous shaking since, according to the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory map.

All of the earthquakes are believed to have occurred off the Kaʻū coast of the Big Island.

Hawaii County officials said crews were responding to minor landslides from the earthquake and HELCO said more than 300 people were without power.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory has changed the alert level for Kilauea to monitor on January 31 due to increased seismic activity and ground deformation.

“We have been in this period of unrest for a few months since last October,” Deputy Scientist in Charge David A. Philips said at the time.

This is a developing story.

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