9 Best Valentine’s Day Sex Toy Deals: Suction Toys, Vibrators, and Dildos

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but so is its ancient predecessor, Lupercalia! Even though we no longer celebrate this holiday by running naked through the streets, there is no reason why you can't attend a private celebration running naked through the streets. leaves. To help, we've searched high and low (fully clothed) to find the best sex toy deals before February 14. Don't forget to check out our list of the best Valentine's Day deals if you're looking for something less. spicy but still sweet.

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Updated February 9, 2024: We've added the Ava Vivv and the Ava Mini Go Wand Vibrator.

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Sex Toy Deals

Satisfyer Cutie

Photo: Satisfyer

This one just screams Valentine’s Day! The aptly named Cutie Heart Suction Toy from Satisfyer is a pocket-sized air pulse stimulator shaped like an adorable little heart. The shape lends itself surprisingly well to solo use. In testing, I found the buttons a little finicky, but overall it was a solid suction toy.

The Librator Fascinator Sex Blanket is exactly what it sounds like. It has a waterproof lining, a soft exterior and rolls up easily when not in use. This is a great choice for anyone with a squirting partner, or if you just want to make sure your sheets stay dry when you're having a good time. In testing, I found that the waterproof liner can be a little wrinkled at first, but once used and worn a bit, it feels less plasticky.

The Lovense Hush is a vibrating butt plug, but instead of having to fumble awkwardly with buttons on a device, it includes a remote control. This feature has proven useful when used solo and in partnerships; being able to adjust the intensity by remote control makes it a versatile and fun toy to use.

Lelo Sila Cruise

Photography: Amazon

Sila Cruise from Lelo is a suction toy designed for slow building. In testing, WIRED reviewer Louryn Strampe praised its wide range of intensities, which allows you to start extremely gentle and build to a deep, powerful orgasm. This is Lelo's Cruise version, which will automatically increase the intensity of the vibrations when you press it harder against your body.

This plug doesn't vibrate and doesn't have a remote control, but the Blush Temptasia Pom Butt Plug is small and accessible, with an attached bunny tail (made of faux fur) for an extra touch in the bedroom. I found the size to be perfect for casual gaming and not the sort of thing you need preparation widely to use.

The rose suction cup toy is a popular category lately, and it's one of our favorites. The One Rose is covered in soft silicone and the buttons are clear and easy to use. The wide, soft mouth makes it easy to stimulate a wide variety of erogenous zones, but it excels at clitoral stimulation.

Mini Magic Wand

Photography: Amazon

The price of the Magic Wand Mini tends to fluctuate frequently. It's been this price since early December, but it bounces back to its MSRP every so often. It's our top pick in our guide to the best vibrators, and for good reason. I like its remarkable multi-session battery life (around 2.5-3 hours, depending on vibration intensity) and its smaller form factor compared to the classic (and gigantic) wand.

Normally I don't put much stock in Amazon reviews, but the sheer number of glowing reviews on Ava's Vivv wand vibrator caught my attention. The Vivv is a wand-style vibrator with a silicone unibody design, easily discernible buttons, and a surprisingly long battery life. In testing, I got almost two hours of battery life. Additionally, the vibrations it produces are deep and rumbling, even at high and low intensity.

The Ava Mini Go is like a smaller version of Ava's Vivv wand massager. It's surprisingly powerful, but I find it to be Strong enough. It's not a discreet toy, but it's an intense little toy. The vibrations it produces are more buzzing than rumbling, which can be nice for more superficial stimulation of sensitive erogenous zones.

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