Best thermostat deal: Get the Google Nest thermostat for $51 off

SAVE $51.34: The Google Nest Smart Thermostat is on sale for $78.65. That's a 40% discount and an even lower price than we saw for this item on Black Friday.

Freezing winter temperatures make it even more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Who wants to be blasted by cold air first thing in the morning, but also wants to pay a ton of money to keep the house warm while you sleep? That's why a smart thermostat that can automatically control the temperature for you is a great investment in any smart home, and you can pick one up for a super low price on Amazon today.

Since February 10, the Google Nest smart thermostat has been on sale for $78.65 on Amazon in snow color. This represents a reduction of 40% and a even lower price than what we saw for this article on Black Friday. This item has only fallen below this price once before, in October, so this price is a good bet.


Make your home smarter this winter with up to 43% off at Amazon

This Energy Star certified smart thermostat can not only help you stay comfortable all year round, but can also help you save on your energy bills, all without you lifting a finger. With a smart thermostat, you can set it and forget it. You can program a schedule using the Google Home app on your phone (no more freezing toes during the first hour you're awake) and the thermostat will lower the temperature when you're away to save energy. Plus, you can change the temperature from anywhere via the app, ensuring any pets still at home are warm in case of unexpected weather conditions.

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Get a Google Nest smart thermostat today and take a step closer to the future of your home.

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