Coyote vs. Acme’s Fate Might Have Been Sealed by Real Judge Doom David Zaslav

Just like the bad guy out of Who wants Roger Rabbit's skin?real life cartoon villain David Zaslav revealed his nefarious plot: on the basis of a damning investigative report from the wrapit seems that the big boss of Warner Bros. planned to delete Coyote vs. Acme all along. Apparently he never even watched the movie.

Initially, we hoped that Coyote vs. Acme could have found an alternative distribution. But as the investigation revealed: “Throughout the process, Warner Bros. declined to share specific details with the filmmakers about the proposed deals (and Warner Bros.' rejection of those deals). It was all captured through a hazy fog of phone calls and second-hand conversations. There were certainly champions of the project, but they couldn't force Warner Bros. to communicate correctly with filmmakers. It seems that the idea was to go ahead with the sale, but ultimately to refuse any counter-offer for the film directed by Dave Green (The Earth echoes) and written by Academy Award nominee Samy Burch (May December).

As Commerce notes, even if finances were a factor, “the reason Coyote vs. AcmeThe cancellation of remains damn near unknowable, even to those who made the film. The film's final fate, the Wrap suggests, will likely be decided before the end of February; Warner Bros. Discovery will report its fourth-quarter results in two weeks, and “many members of the film team believe the studio will use the end of the quarter to take the film off the books for good.” io9 contacted Warner Bros. Discovery for comment and will update this post if and when we receive a response.

A number of filmmakers, pop culture commentators, and producers were able to see a clip of the film and very publicly supported its viability for release, including Eric Bauza, who voices a number of Looney Tunes. characters from the franchise inherited from the studio. Actor Paul Scheer is another; Speaking to the Wrap, he explained: “What was so exciting was that it felt like the film captured the voice of the Looney Tunes that we love in a way that no other feature film version has. 'never did.”

Filmmaker Chris Miller (Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse) spoke to years of thought and passion in making films, knowing it will have an impact. the opportunity to be seen by the world and the idea that all this work might just disappear inherently feels like an injustice.

Read more reactions on social media from Miller, Bauza and others, including Scott Pilgrim takes off showrunner BenDavid Grabinski—all pushing to #ReleaseCoyoteVsAcme.

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