Fashion Became The NFL’s Most Valuable Player In 2024

And, in recent months, a myriad of NFL-related celebrities have made the sport fashionable. There's, of course, Taylor Swift, whose street stadium style has put the spotlight on brands like Baublebar and Paige. She also turned to Wear, a sportswear brand from sports journalist Erin Andrews, and designer Kristin Juszczyk, which creates upcycled clothing from vintage NFL merchandise. Influencer Alix Earle, who is dating Miami Dolphins player Braxton Berrios, has also gotten into football fashion, stocking up on vintage Dolphins merchandise and sporting blue-themed outfits at the stadium. Gymnast Simone Biles, married to Green Bay Packers player Jonathan Owens, has also gained attention for her game day fits, which include Packers-themed jackets from brands like Bro Denim and MVP Bae. Their combined clothing trends have had a big impact on consumer interest in football fashion. On Klarna, for example, top NFL searches for 2023 include “Packers” and “NFL Taylor Swift merch.”

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